What are partitions?

Office partitions embody the positive aspects of workspace subdivision.  Allowing for separate spaces in open plan areas they are the product of various engineering and design techniques.

Why choose a partition?

For some businesses nothing works better than an open plan office space, most however, require at least some form of private office space, meeting room, lockable storage area or partitioned breakout area.  Partitioned areas allow for division between departments, areas for effective management, promote productivity and reduce noise pollution.

Why choose Torfaen Partitions Limited?

Installing an office partition is a cost-effective way to create private spaces in your open plan space.  Coming in a whole range of sizes and finishes, our Pontypool based teams of carpenters will create the perfect space for your needs.

Moreover, we have an extensive range of partition services including the following:

  • Steel framed systems
  • Metal stud partitions
  • Drywall installations
  • Demountable partition systems
  • Frameless single partitioning systems
  • Double glazed office partitioning systems
  • Washroom installation

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